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Carrier Solutions For VoIP Service Providers
The411Stop Carrier Enhanced 411 Service enables VoIP and CLEC local service providers and large capacity 411 users the ability to quickly and efficiently provide enhanced 411 information services to their customers and themselves. The411Stop has a process that is straight forward and elegant. Our program gives you freedom from having to worry about the reliability of the network or the information provided.

In our carrier solution:

  • The telephone user, for whom the telephone instrument IP address is registered with the VoIP Service Provider or CLEC (VSP), initiates a 411 information call.
  • The VSP's server identifies the phone number as a valid user and delivers the caller to the SIP Gateway.
  • The valid user is sent to the 411 information center via a SIP to SIP transfer and all caller information is delivered to the 411 information center. This information is sent to the appropriate Selective Router through a specific Gateway assigned to the VSP.
  • The Selective Router uses the information to determine the proper411 information center to deliver the 411 caller to.
  • The Gateway also sends the necessary user information in the correct format to the 411 information center so caller information can be delivered to the VSP in the proper billing format.
  • On a monthly basis, call detail is delivered to the VSP so they can bill their customers.

Why do you need 411 services?

Two reasons:

Your customers demand it, and it a quick and easy way to improve your bottom line.

Pricing Information

Pricing for our 411 product depends upon the number of 411 look-ups you have in the system and the term of your agreement. Our standard pricing is as follows:

Monthly service pricing is on a per look-up basis and depends upon the total number of look-ups you do per month. There is no minimum .

Price per DID per Month.

Under 500 Look-Ups
1,000 Look-Ups
$500 Deposit
Additional Look-Ups $0.55
2,000 Look-Ups
$900 Deposit
Additional Look-Ups $0.50
3,000 Look-Ups
$1,200 Deposit
Additional Look-Ups $0.45
5,000 Look-Ups
$1,750 Deposit
Additional Look-Ups $0.40
Over 5,000 Look-Ups

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale. When you sign-up, you must agree to these.

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Additional Services

In addition to E-911 services, we also provide VoIP access and terminations services, 411 information services and operator services. To get more info on these services, Click Here © 2006 • Privacy StatementTerms of Use