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Retail and Carrier 411 Solutions

The411Stop Enhanced 411 Service is a state of the art 411 information database and solutions provider that assists large volume 411 users find the information they need. In addition, we enable VoIP providers and CLECs (VSP) with a quick and efficient way to provide 411 information services to their customers.

The The411Stop process is straightforward and elegant: the telephone user initiates a 411 call by dialing a specified toll free phone number or the VSP's switch recognizes the 411 call and routes the caller to our 411 information center either by toll free or SIP to SIP transfer.

The network provides two strategically placed entry points to field 411 calls placed anywhere in the United States, providing the shortest path between the caller and the 411 call center. This connection can be either toll free TDM connection or by SIS to SIP IP transport over the VSPs network.

What types of 411 information service does The411Stop provide?

We provide two flavors of 411 services depending upon a customer's particular needs. These are:

Enterprize Solutions Small to Medium Size Customer Solutions - Many small to medium sized businesses use a large amount of 411 information services in the course of doing business. Our enhanced 411 solutions address the needs of these customers by providing a high quality and cost effective information platform.

The411Stop's Retail solution gives you the peace of mind to know that the quality of the call and, more important, the quality of the information is unsurpassed.

The best feature is that you can participate in our program for as little as 55¢ per call.

Don't wait any longer to get 411 enabled and start saving money, your business depends on it. Get Info Now!

Carrier Solutions

Carrier Solutions - The411Stop enables VoIP and CLEC local service providers and large capacity 411 users the ability to quickly and efficiently provide enhanced 411 information services to their customers and themselves. The411Stop has a process that is straight forward and elegant. Our program gives you freedom from having to worry about the reliability of the network or the information provided.

In our carrier solution:

  • The telephone user, for whom the telephone instrument IP address is registered with the VoIP Service Provider or CLEC (VSP), initiates a 411 information call.
  • The VSP's server identifies the phone number as a valid user and delivers the caller to the SIP Gateway.
  • The valid user is sent to the 411 information center via a SIP to SIP transfer and all caller information is delivered to the 411 information center. This information is sent to the appropriate Selective Router through a specific Gateway assigned to the VSP.
  • The Selective Router uses the information to determine the proper411 information center to deliver the 411 caller to.
  • The Gateway also sends the necessary user information in the correct format to the 411 information center so caller information can be delivered to the VSP in the proper billing format.
  • On a monthly basis, call detail is delivered to the VSP so they can bill their customers.
  • You get get all of the above starting for as little as 35¢ per call.

Don't wait any longer to get 411 enabled, your business depends on it. Get Info Now!

Additional Services

In addition to 411 services, we also provide VoIP access and terminations services, E911 emergency services and operator services. To get more info on these services, Click Here © 2006 • Privacy StatementTerms of Use