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Retail 411 Solutions

Small to Medium Size Customer Solutions - Many small to medium sized businesses use a large amount of 411 information services in the course of doing business. Our enhanced 411 solutions address the needs of these customers by providing a high quality and cost effective information platform.

If you make less than 4,000 information calls per month, The411Stop's Retail solution gives you the peace of mind to know that the quality of the call and, more important, the quality of the information is unsurpassed. If you make more than 4,000 information call a month, you will need to see our Carrier Solutions page for benefits and pricing.

The best feature is that you can participate in our program for as littel as 55¢ per call, which is a 66% discount off standard SBC's $1.25 per call charge.

Pricing Information

Pricing for our 411 product depends upon the number of information calls you do per month. Our standard pricing is as follows:

Monthly service plan pricing is on a pre-paid per call basis and depends upon the total number of look-ups you commit to per month. The monthly service fee depends upon the plan you select and there is no sign up fee to join our service. Just fill out our request and provide a valid credit card for your billing. Under this program a deposit is collected at the time of signup, depending upon plan you select, and you are billed against that plan. If you exceed the plan look-ups included in your plan, your credit card will be billed the overage at the rate shown for additional look-ups.

Pricing per look-up per month:

100 Look-Ups
$75 Deposit
Additional Look-Ups $0.80
250 Look-Ups
$150 Deposit
Additional Look-Ups $0.65
500 Look-Ups
$275 Deposit
Additional Look-Ups $0.60
Over 500 Look-Ups

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of Sale. When you sign-up, you must agree to these.

* Go to Carrier Solutions for pricing.

Don't wait any longer to start saving on your 411 calls, your business depends on it. Sign-Up Now!

Additional Services

In addition to 411 services, we also provide VoIP access and terminations services, E911 emergency services and operator services. To get more info on these services, Click Here © 2006 • Privacy StatementTerms of Use